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ConfigMap Operator

Please first look at CRD Operator documentation. It contains more common information, which is applicable to ConfigMap operator too.

ConfigMap is a native resource, so that no custom definition needs to be created in Kubernetes before we start creating custom resources.

Using ConfigMap option, our target custom resource will look like this:

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
name: my-krb1
namespace: test
io.myorg.kerboperator/kind: Kerb
config: |
- name: client1
password: static
value: mypass
- name: user2
password: static
value: mypass2

Please note, above data.config section does not define any Custom Resources in terms of Kubernetes, we just leverage a plain ConfigMap to emulate custom resource.

Implementation Steps with Freya#

There are 3 steps to implement ConfigMap Operator:

1 . Define resource specification as a hierarchy of case classes.#

final case class Principal(name: String, password: String, value: String = "")
final case class Kerb(realm: String, principals: List[Principal])

2 . Implement your actions for Add, Modify, Delete events#

import freya.CmController
import cats.effect.Async
import io.fabric8.kubernetes.api.model.ConfigMap
class KrbCmController[F[_]](implicit F: Async[F])
extends CmController[F, Kerb] {
// override onAdd, onDelete, onModify like in Crd Controller
override def isSupported(cm: ConfigMap): Boolean =

CmController class adds isSupported method, which allows to skip particular ConfigMaps if they do not satisfy to logical condition.

3 . Start your operator#

import cats.effect.{ExitCode, IO, IOApp}
import io.fabric8.kubernetes.client.DefaultKubernetesClient
import freya.K8sNamespace.Namespace
import freya.Configuration.ConfigMapConfig
import freya.Operator
import freya.yaml.jackson._
object KerbCmOperator extends IOApp {
//implicit val cs: ContextShift[IO] = contextShift
override def run(args: List[String]): IO[ExitCode] = {
val client = IO(new DefaultKubernetesClient)
// the same API as for Crd Operator, but with own configuration and constructor
val cfg = ConfigMapConfig(Namespace("test"), prefix = "io.myorg.kerboperator")
.ofConfigMap[IO, Kerb](cfg, client, new KrbCmController[IO])

ConfigMap Helper#

ConfigMapHelper provides the same functionality as CrdHelper, but with respect to ConfigMap kind:

currentConfigMaps - a method to return current current ConfigMap resources based on passed earlier Operator configuration


  • freya.Configuration.ConfigMapConfig - configuration which is passed on operator construction
  • io.fabric8.kubernetes.client.KubernetesClient - K8s client
  • Option[Boolean] - isOpenShift property
  • freya.resource.ConfigMapParser - ConfigMap parser to parse config key of data map to target T kind