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Alexey Novakov

Software Solution Architect, Senior Software Engineer, Rhein-Main Scala Enthusiasts Meetup speaker

Birthday: 15th of June 1986

Contact: novakov.alex at gmail dot com



Education: Specialist in Computer Science 2003-2008, Donetsk State University of Informatics and Artificial intelligence, Ukraine

Summary: 16 years of hands-on experience in the field of Software Development, Architecture, System integration, FP & OO programming, Designing and Prototyping, Database designing and Specification creating.

Development practice:

  • Kanban, Scrum, Waterfall, RUP
  • CI/CD, Unit testing, TDD, Test automation
  • Pair Programming

Technical expertise:

  • Developing commercial applications on Kubernetes, Hadoop, JVM, Oracle, Linux, Docker and Cloud platforms
  • Developing specifications and design solution documents for long term projects
  • Deep and rich expertise on the languages: Java, Scala, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP

Work Experience

Solution Architect in Ververica, Germany

Nov 2022 – present

Company Ververica is original creator of Apache Flink. Enterprise stream processing and analytics company.
Responsibilities design and support data streaming architectures, architecture reviews, consulting, pre-sale activities
Technologies Flink, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Scala, Java, SQL, Python, Kafka

Data Architect in EPAM, Germany

Feb 2021 – Oct 2022

Company EPAM Systems is a provider of software product development and digital platform engineering services. The company provides custom developed technology, tools, and platforms to clients in industries such as financial services, travel and consumer, software and hi-tech, media and entertainment, life sciences and healthcare.
Responsibilities design data platform architectures, architecture reviews, pre-sale activities
Technologies AWS, Spark, Scala, EMR, Glue, Athena, Airflow, Delta Lake

Senior Big Data Solution Architect in Ultra Tendency, Germany

Jun 2019 – Feb 2021

Company Big Data solution provider with experience of running large Hadoop clusters. Working with top Enterprise companies in Germany. Official Cloudera partner.
Responsibilities Implementation, design solutions, architecture review.
Technologies Java, Scala. AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Helm, Hadoop, Spark, SBT, Docker, Kafka, NiFi, Cloudera Hadoop, MLFlow

Senior Consultant in INNOQ, Germany

Dec 2018 – May 2019

Company Software Development consulting company working for German and Swiss market.
Responsibilities Working with clients to solve their business problems using best possible tools and practises in software development.
Technologies Scala, Kubernetes, Akka, Playframework, SBT, Docker, Gitlab CI, Node, Mocha.js, Web3.js Solidity, Truffle Suite

Tech Lead / Senior Backend Engineer in dataWerks, Germany

Jan 2017 – Nov 2018

Company Development of data management platform for Big Data and data consolidation.
Responsibilities Technical leadership across the company, development of the platform, work with prospect clients.
Technologies Scala, Kubernetes, Akka, Playframework, SBT, Docker, Elastisearch, Spark, Jenkins, Git, Helm, Tableau, Power BI, SQL, Continues Integration

Senior Software Engineer in “360 Treasury Systems AG”, Germany

Mar 2016 – Dec 2016

Company Leader in Forex trading for the most famous world banks and large enterprises. Product based company in Germany with presence in New York and Singapore.
Responsibilities Technical design, development, support of business analyst and QA teams.
Technologies Java8, JavaFx, Linux, Oracle, Spring, Hibernate, RMI, JMX, OSGI

Co-founder, trainer in, worldwide

Mar 2014 – 2016

Company Programming courses in Java. Forming student groups for 4 months course of Java SE, exam project and job interview simulation. Individual course with extension to Java EE.
Responsibilities Mentoring students, webinars development and conducting, promoting, marketing, process automation.
Technologies IntelliJ Idea, Java, Git, Bitbucket, Moodle, Trello, Google Drive, Hangout, Skype

Senior Software Engineer in Luxoft, USA

Aug 2014 – Feb 2016

Company Global IT outsourcing and software development company with 6100 employees across 17 locations.
Responsibilities Work with customer team on site, requirements gathering, R&D, development of new features, support of SME and integrators.
Technologies Infinispan, JBoss Fuse, Tomcat, JavaEE 7, IBM MQ, HTTP AVRO, FIX protocol, Oracle, Linux, Spring, Hibernate, JUnit, Mockito, Camel, OSGi, Netty, Jetty, haproxy, TeamCity, bash scripting, Kafka, JMS, DB2, Scala, ZooKeeper, Java8, MyBatis, Git, JVM profiling.
Methodologies Kanban, RUP
Team size 14 developers distributed across USA and Europe
Main projects:

a) Service Bus (SOA) to connect NYSE, NASDAQ, FX, others (FIX protocol)

b) Service Bus for Cost Basis backend (US Taxation)


Delivery Product Manager in Luxoft, Ukraine

Apr 2013 – May 2014

Company Global IT outsourcing and software development company with 6100 employees across 17 locations.
Responsibilities Responsible for the timeliness of each delivery of the Product, management of delivery risks of the Product, people and operational management of Lead Analyst.
Technologies JavaEE, JMS, Oracle, GWT, Tomcat, Weblogic, Flex, XML
Methodologies PMBoK tools, RUP
Team size 10 software engineers
Main projects:

a) Sales Dashboard and Reporting

b) Reference Data Services. Financial Instruments


Java Team Lead in Maxbill, Ukraine

Nov 2007– Apr 2013

Other roles: Project manager, web-developer, Java developer, Java team lead.

Company British product-based company in billing area producing BSS and CRM platforms for Multi-service provider companies.
Responsibilities Responsibility for all technical deliverables including delivery of system to acceptance test, coordination of solution session and participation in technical design definition, management of the team.
Technologies Oracle 9/10, JEE, Spring, Hibernate, Mybatis, Apache Commons, JUnit, Axis, DWR, EhCache, Freemarker, Quartz, Ognl, Tomcat, Weblogic, smpp, log4j, EJB 2, Struts, Quartz, DWR, Freemarker, CXF, Cocoon, Ext.js, JavaScript, PL/SQL, Mockito
Methodologies PMBoK tools, Scrum, Kanban
Main projects:

a) Integration with Ericsson Multi Activation server

b) SelfCare app for multi-service telco companies

c) API Server for mobile virtual network operators (MVNO)

d) WebKernel as abstract web engine for XML/XSLT web pages generation

e) Mobile Virtual Network Environment platform (CRM, Rating/Billing, Ordering, Provisioning, OCS)


Senior PHP Developer in Xitex software, Ukraine

Jun 2005 – Oct 2007

Company Total IT solution provider including on-demand dedicated teams, custom software development, web-design.
Responsibilities Initial project estimation, solution design, development, integration and customization.
Technologies PHP, MySQL, XML, Java Script, HTML/CSS, Zend Framework, Spry,YUI, phpUnit.

PHP Developer in LookMyInfo, Ukraine

Jan 2007 – May 2007

Company Web-agency provides full cycle web-site development, support and hosting.
Responsibilities Working on various projects within in-house CMS. Development and customization. Work with clients and implementation of continuous requirements.
Technologies PHP, MySQL, XML, JavaScript, HTML/CSS

Technical Skills

Software tools IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Apache Web Server, SVN, Git, Tomcat, Weblogic, PL/SQL Developer, SoapUI, Verifix, Kuberenets, Docker, Helm
Data Management Oracle, MySQL, DB2, MSSQL, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Infinispan, Kafka, NiFi, Kafka Connect
Operating systems RHEL/Ubuntu/CentOS, OSX, Windows
Programming languages, technologies Scala, Java, Rust, JavaFX, JSTL, SQL, XSL, PHP
Web HTML, CSS, Ext.js, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, GWT, Scala.js
Web middleware JaxWS, JaxRS, ApacheCXF, Play-WS, Requests, Scalaj, Http4s
Build tools SBT, Cargo, Gradle, Ant, Maven
Libraries / Tool-kits Spring, Struts, MyBatis, Hibernate, JUnit, Mockito, CXF, Camel, Playframework, Akka (Actor, Streams, Http), Cats-Effect, Slick, Scalacheck, Refined, Circe, Doobie, FS2, Quartz

Certifications & Trainings

Java: Brainbench: Java 2 Fundamentals, Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE 1.4), Java 6, Java EJB 3.0, Java XML Technologies, Java 5, Java Server Pages 2.1 Master, Java Platform Enterprise Edition 5; RetraTech: Java Programming.

Scala: Coursera – FP in Scala, Parallel Programming, Big Data with Spark

Elasticsearch: Core Developer, Advanced Developer, DevOps Engineer

AWS: Certified Solution Architect - Associate (WKFNLMRJKM44QBCX) Badge


Russian, Ukrainian – native, English – advanced, German – B1